Paddling Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), based in Seattle, WA, actively supports the growth of paddling, rowing, and all other human-powered watercraft sports throughout the Pacific Northwest.

PDI collaborates with local paddling and rowing clubs, community organizations, and other non- profit organizations to increase awareness and participation in these water sports as well as helping these organizations to raise funds so that they can better serve their members and communities at large.

PDI organizes events and races that are open to all human-powered watercraft with the goal of further uniting all the disciplines to form one community that can obtain better coverage by local media and ultimately have a bigger impact in local politics and economics. This stronger presence will open doors to more scholarships and sponsorships, better waters sports facilities, and whatever this proposed community prioritizes to pursue.

PDI recognizes that as the community grows, different perspectives on training, racing and manufacturing push us to innovate. Currently, key products to fill the needs of underserved paddlers are in research and development.

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